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For Whom the Winds Blow

Sweet winds are moving though the forest
Allowing the trees to resonate in its breath,
Leaves moving in a sweeping unified chorus;
Their words forming a lullaby---just for you!

No the winds and trees are not complaining,
Theirs are not some senseless frenzy!
Not liken to autumn’s last desperation---
Or winter’s terrible leafless muted death.

It’s spring with blissful gusts of yearnings
Singing throughout the green groves,
With noisy little leaves fluttering about,
Just trying to reap your eyes and ears.

Then comes the abandonment of summer,
Where warm breezes creep from leaf to leaf;
Feeling the passionate heat of life’s being---
Trees now anxious for the coming autumn’s rustle.

Leaves will turn colors and fall to the ground---
With spring and summer becoming history,
As trees bid their farewell to the cantor of the winds---
And thus farewell to their caressing leaves.

The snows fall while the cold winds whorl---
Making their own kind of special music.
Laughing at the death of the spring-leaves’ song.
Shadows falling---snowy, white, and murky.

Uninvited blizzards of coldness abruptly arrive.
Humans wrapping themselves in ugliness!
The songs of spring are now fully misplaced---
Now no stirring---no joy, no warmth, no comfort.

Yet, a new day arrives at the first sign of spring.
Miracles of miracles soon cover the earth.
Where fresh leaves tower over fields of flowers,
And new songs echo throughout the meadows.

Winter now becomes a blink in the past.
New leaves have sprouted and begin their dance.
And the wind in the trees sing a new song---just for you!
Dearest, are you not listening to their whispers?

Their sweet melody is being sung---just for you!
Many visionary motions in viewless winds.
Bearing the passions and praises of my love;
Mysteries of the leaves now shed---just for you!

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