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LoGik, in 3rd person

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    where i tread
    The Story that is me...
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    Signature: the concept of self is the first step in understanding....anything!
    Biography: I am just trying to understand things that have been taught to me, and teach things that I understand.
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    Ballads of Royalty ( Aleea and Logik)

    What if Mother Nature was conspirin’
    To get us out of our sleep
    To awaken within us
    A long forgotten sense of self?

    And what if depletion of the ozone and global warming
    Were her methods to get our minds and lives on track?

    Gently pull back,
    these prot-ect-ive lay-ers
    allowing the barrage of cosmic rays to blaze as they enter.
    exciting the molecular foundations of our skin

    Causing adenines to turn guanines
    and proteins would then bend themselves
    into humbled prostrations

    Conforming to conformational changes
    That lead to second messengers
    Infiltrating cells
    Unlocking DNA
    Long since silenced
    Through assimilation
    Adopted for the sake
    Of survival
    From the fields
    To institutionalized education

    DNA splicing and fighting, trying
    to properly package its message
    So its helices adds appendices
    To insure the full story gets told

    Reawakening the consciousness
    Of souls
    For divinity

    Becoming reacquainted
    With the reality
    That we were born
    With heart beats
    That boast ballads
    Of royalty

    Every cell in our body has become a piece to this puzzle
    That echoes the songs of our ancestors
    With heart beats to drumbeats that resound
    even in this day
    Left with history that has been re-written
    Timbuktu to be forgotten
    and now Athens has taken its place
    Copernicus discovered heliocentricity,
    yet no one recalls how
    Imho-tep defined space!

    Each cell carries the blue prints
    To kinks created
    By bonds
    Keeping locs locked
    Curls fixed
    Freeze framed
    In the same
    Shared by sheba

    Similar storages
    Of melanin
    In the skin of hands
    That molded kingdoms

    Tinted round bellies
    Sheltering wombs
    That warmed and weathered
    The gestation of nations

    We need to find our way back, way back
    to our own domains

    misguided in this world of dot coms
    we are lost
    Tubman had us once homeward bound
    but now our North Stars is gone

    So we roam ,
    looking for better reception
    but there are not enough bars
    to pinpoint just when and where
    we lost our heritage
    and buried our dreams
    exchanged them for beads
    To be led to our own defeats

    There are little black girls
    Blessed with beautiful brown skin
    And absent father figures
    Young girls that believe
    That their only
    Lies with job openings
    At modern day
    Voluntary auction blocks
    Or what’s seen
    Through glass windows
    Encased in one
    Of the four brick walls
    She calls home

    There are women
    Who see self
    Defined by the men
    She attracts
    Finding it hard
    To sit back
    And let love find them
    Generations of women
    Who through time
    Have forgotten
    Fundamental truths

    That found in
    Every she
    Is a soul
    That moves nature
    To pay homage

    Somewhere there is a lost boy searching in vein
    for his legacy to manhood
    But since he has
    Rooted himself in mediocrity
    He finds it hard to leave ignorance alone
    So he is eternally prone
    To be best of fools

    Forgetting the definition of wisdom was his name
    Honor his garment
    Knowledge his shield
    and at his feet once sat the world

    the Prometheus to civilization
    Kidnapped and barbarized
    Past lives forgotten
    Now bastardized by those who claimed to
    civilize a people already living civil lives

    So that now--- we are all barely well behaved..

    When little man is idolizing D-boys with drop tops
    more than his own parents

    When women in training
    Anticipate the next
    Best seller
    From Karine Steffans
    With more enthusiasm
    Than Toni Morrison

    When boys are taking their lessons in manhood
    from those who skipped class.

    When accepting less than what we’re entitled
    Becomes the norm

    Yes, what if Mother Nature really did conspire to
    Get us out of our sleep
    to awaken us from a forgotten sense of self?
    Would that be enough to break
    this perpetual-amnesia that we
    have all been living in…

    Could a blasd of cosmic rays give us back our power
    Allowing us to be once again be fantastic
    and not merely exceptions to society’s unwritten rules?
    I say NO!

    It shouldn’t take
    Holes in the ozone
    Gamma rays
    And DNA changes
    Caused by mother nature
    To realize
    Our thrones
    Have sat vacant
    For far too long

    We must dust away the cobwebs
    Reclaim our crowns
    Find time to acknowledge
    The goddess and god
    Within every
    She and he

    Remembering daily
    That we were born
    With heart beats
    That boast ballads
    Of royalty

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